10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX 光電轉換器      PDF型錄下載

 Technical Specification

Standard Compliance: IEEE802.3u 10/100Base-TX, 100Base-FX

Data Transfer Rate
100Mbps:148,800 pps
10Mbps:14,880 pps

Buffer Memory: 128K

  RJ-45: 10/100Mbps (Auto-negotiation)
ST/SC/LC: 100Mbps

TP: Cat.5 (Support distance up to 100m)
Fiber (M-M):50/125,2.5/125,100/140μm(Support distance up to 2Km)
Fiber (S-M):8.3/125,8.7/125,9/125,100/125μm
(Support distance up to 100Km)

Flow Control
IEEE802.3x compliant for full-duplex
Backpressure flow control for half-duplex

LED Indicator

LED Color Function
FX LNK/ACT Green Lit when both fiber & TP connection are good
Blink when fiber data is present
FX FDX/COL Amber Lit when full-duplex mode is active
Off when half-duplex mode is active
Blink when collision is present
TX LNK/ACT Green Lit when TP connection is good
Blink when TP data is receiving
TX 100 Green Lit when TP speed is 100Mbps
Off when TP speed is 10Mbps
POWER Green Lit when 5V power is coming up

DIP Switch Function

1 TP port mode Auto (default) or Force
2 TP port speed 100 or 10 when TP at Force
3 TP port duplex FDX or HDX when TP at Force
4 LFP LFP enabled (default) or disabled
5 Fiber port duplex 100 FDX (default) or 100 HDX

Power Requirement
FE-C130:1A@+5VDC from AC-DC Adapter

Operation Temperature:0~50°C


■Dimensions: 26.2(
H) x 70.3(W) x 94(D) mm

■Weight: 0.2kg

Certification:FCC Part 15 Class A & CE Mark