Enhanced Cat.5 Patch Panel


Great Light's Enhanced Category 5e Patch Panel characterized
using Power Sum cross-talk electrical performance parameters which some
System of full duplex are operated over four pairs.
  These electrical characteristics include Power-Sum NEXT, Power-
Sum ACR...etc. Enhanced Category 5e Patch Panel also features reduced
attenuation, pair to pair NEXT margin over Category 5 standard. Improve
balance by 10db compared to Great Light's category 5 Patch Panel.
  Besides, Great Light's Enhanced Cat5e Shielded Patch Panel
operates at up to 100MHz and meets EIA/TIA TSB-40A & TSB-568A
standards which is available in 16 port and 32 port. 16 ports occupying
two rack spaces and 32 ports occupying three rack spaces. Special
features such as port and pin numbers are silk-screened on the back panel
to make your installation simpler.





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